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WordPress Theme Sirup


Download // See Demo // Read FAQ

Update: Thanks to the work of Wolforg and Sharon, Sirup is now also available in French and Hebrew!

Sirup is a magazine and blog layout for WordPress 2.5 and above. It has a fixed width, is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, supports Gravatars and Sidebar Widgets. You can customize the appearance of your site with an options page (that means you don’t have to edit PHP files).

  • Choose between magazine and blog layout
  • Set which categories to appear on frontpage
  • Amount of comments / posts / tags to show underneath
  • Choose to have a lead story or not
  • Set a default width for thumbnails
  • Change fonts, sizes etc.

All features are explained in detail in Sirup’s FAQ. (Read the FAQ, it’s a manual on how to create lead stories, how to find the right category IDs, how to insert thumbnails etc.)

Browser compatibility
As noted before, Sirup is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I’ve tested it in Firefox 3 (perfect), Opera 9 (perfect) and Internet Explorer 6 + 7 (almost perfect, maybe some unremarkable margin issues. No reason to not use this theme.)

1. Upload the folder “Sirup” to /wp-content/themes/ to get a new folder /wp-content/themes/Sirup/
2. Go to your WordPress administration panel, click the Design tab and choose “Sirup” as your new theme.
3. Go to Sirup’s options page and start customizing.

If you see an almost blank screen in your preview, don’t worry, it will disappear when you activate the theme. (Sorry about that, but the options page only returns values when Sirup is activated.)

If you have questions about Sirup AFTER you read the FAQ, post them here: http://wordpress.org/tags/sirup
The comment thread on this page is not a support forum!

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 — You are allowed to use this WordPress theme on commercial and of course non-commercial weblogs. You can remix and create themes based on Sirup. However, you’re not allowed to remove the link to 1000ff.de provided in the footer. Good work needs to be credited. :)

Kudos & Dankeschöns to
PHP: Michaël, Darren Hoyt, jottlieb
CSS & HTML: Pascal, css4you, WDT
Feedback & Ideas: Frank, .markus, K.

v0.9 – Just an internal release, needed a working demo
v1.0 – Fixed pagination, validation, query_posts issue
v1.0.1 – Typos corrected on options page (well, it’s still a foreign language :))
v1.0.2 – Corrected a line-height issue with headings
Please read this comment if you have problems with pagination.

Now what?
Download // See Demo // Read FAQ

41 Gedanken zu „WordPress Theme Sirup“

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  2. Hab schon für dich die Werbetrommel geschlagen :-). Außerdem schon das ein oder andere kleine Problem festgestellt. Im Lead Artikel werden Links nicht angezeigt sondern erst in der Single Darstellung aber ansonsten wunderbar dat Teil.

  3. Danke, hab deine Werbung schon gesehen. Dass der Lead-Artikel keine Links auf der Startseite zeigt liegt daran, dass WordPress im automatisch erstellten the_excerpt einfach keine Links anzeigt. Du kannst aber auch einfach einen eigenen Excerpt (Auszug) erstellen, wie in der FAQ beschrieben, da sind die Links dann drin.

    Hab auch die style.css aktualisert, da war die line-height bei Überschriften etwas durcheinander, wie man auch bei dir im Blog sieht. Sollte jetzt wieder in Ordnung sein.

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  6. Schick, allerdings finde ich die Type ein wenig zu groß, verschenkt etwas zu viel Platz. Aber das kann man ja ändern. Sonst wirklich sehr lecker, der Sirup. :-)

  7. This may be important to some of you:

    If you’re using the BLOG variant of Sirup 1.0.2 and you don’t have PRETTY PERMALINKS enabled, you’ll notice that pagination won’t work (Previous Posts / Next Posts).

    That can be fixed by replacing Sirup’s index.php with this new index.php.

    (Sirup 1.0.3, available within the next days at wordpress.org, has this bug corrected.)

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  9. Looking good! I hope to use it the next time I revise my site(s). I found two slight issues though:

    The “Heading font” setting should affect the blog title and navigation links in the header. They are currently fixed to Arial.

    If I set “Link to X new comments:” to 0, the New Comments grey box still shows, but only with the box title. The PHP should only output the div for that box if the setting is more than 0. Or even better, make the grey boxes use sidebar widgets!

    Thanks for a a great theme!

  10. Nettes Theme… Erinnert vom Aufbau an BranfordMagazine, hat aber nicht die javascript-funktionalitäten… Branford lässt sich dafür nicht so einfach für Laien im adminbereich justieren, und ist erst nach einigen Nacharbeiten xhtml-valid.

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  12. Merci beaucoup for the translation and for letting us know about it!
    As far as I can tell you did a good job. :)
    Je vous souhaite une très bonne année 2009!

  13. I’m getting a Parse Error on line 46 of the header.php when using the theme on a fresh install of wp. I’ve tried the theme on both 2.7. & 2.7.1. Any ideas? It’s a local install.

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  16. Hallo Simon,

    ich mag Dein Sirup-Theme. Du biests es in Englisch, Französisch und Hebräisch an. Aber gibt’s das denn auch in Deutsch?


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  19. I have problems with the tag cloud. It’s too long and too many entries, so gets squashed at the bottom. I can’t change this in the options page, but can’t find any other way of changing this…

    Any ideas?

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